IFBC New Orleans – Day 3

Well day three of IFBC was bittersweet.  We were really sad to say goodbye to all the new friends we made (and all of the fantastic food!) but couldn’t wait to get back to our little girl!

James and I started off the day walking across the French Quarter to Cafe du Monde for beignets and cafe’ au lait.  You can’t go to NOLA and not have that for breakfast at least one day!  It was really great, we got there at around 7 AM – I think that was the earliest I’ve ever woken up in the French Quarter!  The sun was just rising and adding some color to the skies, and it wasn’t miserably hot yet.

Once we got back to our room, we quickly packed before attending the last two sessions before the closing of the conference.  I was thrilled to win a cookbook from the Harvard Common Press, a slow cooker one no less (you guys know my love of my slow cooker!).  We said goodbye, hit the casino for a little bit then headed out for lunch before driving home.  Lunch was at Cochon Butcher.  The sandwiches and boudin were phenomenal and don’t even get me started on the bacon pralines.  OMG.  You’ll be seeing my attempts at those before long, no doubt!  I ordered one of the daily specials – it was a pressed goat cheese and eggplant sandwich with summer vegetables (delicious!) and James got the pork belly on white bread with mint and cucumber, which I tasted and was also pretty great!

IFBC – thanks so much for putting on such a great weekend, we really had a blast.  Can’t wait to go to another one!



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