Grillades with Cheddar and Goat Cheese Fried Grits

We have a little tradition at our house where Sunday night is our “good meal” night of the week.  It’s usually something that is a little more time or labor intensive, something you wouldn’t be up to tackling during the week.  Often it’s something on the grill, or sometimes it’s something that has to simmer or roast for a while in the oven.  This week it was grits and grillades.

I know you’re thinking grits and grillades don’t really take all that long to cook, and you’re right.  They don’t.  But these are special grits.  They’re grits mixed with two different cheeses, cut into squares, battered and fried.  So when you top the crisp little boxes of grits with that savory beefy gravy and dig in, you get a small taste of crunch with the creamy cheesy grits.  And you keep digging in, way past when you should have called it quits.  Because it’s just so good.  So good.

I should note for those that can’t imagine what this tastes like – the grillades reminds me very much of boeuf bourguignon.  In fact, it made me say “hmmm, maybe next time we make b.b. we can make fried grits!

Grillades with Cheddar and Goat Cheese Fried Grits
Recipe adapted from my dad, Gerry!

Grillades Recipe:
1 lb. sirloin tip steaks
1 tbsp salt
1 tsp cayenne pepper
 ½ tsp black pepper
 ½ tsp garlic powder
 ½ cup flour
 2-3 slices bacon, browned and crumbled, grease reserved
 1 onion, chopped
 15oz can diced tomato
 1 can Rotel Original tomatoes
2 cups red wine
 5 squirts Worcestershire sauce
 1 tsp. basil
 2 sprigs fresh thyme
Remove and discard fat from meat.  Cut into ½ inch wide strips.  Lay several pieces of meat on a cutting board, sprinkle with seasoning mix and a little flour.  Pound each piece of meat with a mallet till slightly flattened.  After all of the meat is tenderized, heat the bacon drippings in a large black iron pot and brown the meat on both sides.  Add seasoning blend and cook till veggies are tender, stirring often to prevent sticking.  Add both cans of tomatoes and their liquid, reducing heat to medium. Add mushrooms, Worcestershire sauce, wine, basil and thyme.  Cook for an hour or so, until meat is tender.  If gravy becomes too thick, add wine or beef broth.  Just before serving, you can add chopped green onion tops.  Serve over fried or baked grits.
Grits Recipe
Cooked grits (make 8 servings)
 ½ cup shredded cheddar
4 oz. garlic and herb goat cheese
green onions
 seasoning mix (I use Tony Chachere’s)
 seasoned flour
 egg wash
 vegetable oil
Make grits according to package directions.  Mix with cheese, green onions, and seasonings.  Pour into greased casserole dish.  Put into fridge overnight, or at least a few hours.  Cut grits into squares, dip into egg wash, then into seasoned flour.  Fry in about an inch of oil in a fry pan till browned.  Serve with grillades poured over it.

Grillades with Cheddar and Goat Cheese Fried Grits


One response to “Grillades with Cheddar and Goat Cheese Fried Grits

  1. This looks so hearty and sounds flavorful! And after sampling shrimp and grits last weekend at IFBC, I want to make grits this weekend. So fun meeting you guys and hanging out.

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