Pasta holiday gifts

A few months ago my mom gave me the most amazing kitchen gadget.  The Fasta Pasta cooker from QVC.  It cooks pasta in the microwave and then you put the lid on it to drain.  So you don’t have to bring a huge pot of water to boil or use a big colander.  Much less mess.  Of course it doesn’t cook a TON of pasta, so it’s good for a couple or a single person. 

I loved it so much I decided to get some as holiday gifts for some of my friends and family.  But I didn’t want to give JUST that so I paired it with a package of pasta, some parmesan cheese and a jar of my homemade marinara sauce.  I hope they all love theirs as much as I love mine!

Marinara Sauce

Pasta Gift Set


One response to “Pasta holiday gifts

  1. Thank you very much, Christen!!!! I can’t wait to try it out!!! :c)

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