Peppermint Bark

My grandpa is one of the hardest people to buy Christmas gifts for, so when I asked my mom for some ideas, she suggested I make a goody bag for him.  She said that he loves peanut butter fudge, fig preserves and peppermint bark.  I already had a bunch of jars of fig preserves put up that I was planning to give neighbors as gifts, so that was no problem.  And peanut butter fudge is so easy to make (most of the time – one of my batches DID flop due to weather!), so that just left the peppermint bark.  Which I had never made before.  But it looked really easy!

In this case, looks were not deceiving.  It was REALLY easy and so delicious, I will now be adding this to my Christmas goody bags each year!  I feel a little silly even posting the recipe because it is so easy, but what the heck.  Someone might want to try it that never has before!

Peppermint Bark

1 pkg chocolate bark
1 pkg vanilla flavored (or white chocolate) almond bark
peppermints, crushed

Crush a bunch of peppermints.  How you do this is up to you.  Be creative.  Then spread out some newspaper on your counters and put wax paper over it.  Melt the “brown chocolate bark” according to package directions, then spread out over the wax paper.  You can use your own preferences as to how thickly to spread it, I like my bark kind of thin though. Give this a few minutes to harden, it doesn’t take long.

Once it’s hardened, melt the “white chocolate bark” according to package directions.  Quickly spread it over the chocolate, be quick though because you don’t want your white and brown chocolates to mix together and if you’re too slow, they will.  Sprinkle the peppermint pieces over the top and allow to harden completely.  You can then either break it by hand for a more rustic look (which I did) or cut it into pieces.

Peppermint Bark


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