With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s nice to acknowledge the things or people you are thankful for.  It goes without saying, of course that I am thankful for my health and my family (and the health of my family).  I’m thankful for my husband, he’s an amazing man and a wonderful father to our daughter.  I’m immensely thankful for our daughter, who is such an angel and a pleasure (though you do occasionally glimpse some horns poking out from that halo!).

I’m also thankful for my friend Morgan.  So Morgan, this post is for you!  I met Morgan when my husband and I first moved to town.  She and her husband were moving into their condo a few doors down at the same time we were moving into ours.  We would chat outside and quickly became good friends.  She’s been there through a lot with me and I always know I can count on her friendship.  She comes over and even when I’m cooking something totally strange-sounding, she does try it, hesitant sometimes though.  But she tries it! 

Morgan and her fur-baby, Hunter

She also brought some prized goodies to me the other day, and since this IS a cooking blog I thought I’d share some pictures of them with you.  Last weekend was the annual Pecan Festival in Colfax, LA and she picked up a pecan pie and a 1 lb. bag of shelled pecans and brought them to me.  Mmmmm, I’m already planning what I can make with those pecans….as for the pie – well it didn’t last long, it’s gone!

Thanks for being a great friend, NeNe (what my daughter calls her)!

Shelled Pecans & Pecan Pie


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