Foodbuzz 24×24: When Life Gives You Oil, Make a Roux!!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster.  Being a lifelong resident of Louisiana, this is a topic that I have strong feelings on.  When Foodbuzz announced that July’s Foodbuzz 24×24 theme would be to make a gulf-inspired meal that would benefit the Greater New Orleans Foundation, I just knew I had to participate.  Thanks for selecting me to be part of this event, Foodbuzz!

For my Save the Gulf party, I set the mood by setting up a slide show with before and after pictures of the beautiful coast and the affects that this disaster has had on it.  This was enhanced by the beautiful sounds of New Orleans jazz playing in the background.

But what you’re really interested in is the food, right?  Thought so!  I served buffet style typical Southern Louisiana party food.  We started out with an appetizer table of seafood cocktail spread and crackers, deviled eggs and a delicious green chili veggie dip.  The main course came in the form of a traditional seafood gumbo, loaded with shrimp, crab and oysters with a choice of rice or potato salad – a Louisiana secret to a good bowl of gumbo!  For dessert, a sweet rustic bread pudding. 

I think that it is worth mentioning that with the gulf coast disaster, not only has the actual coastline and wildlife been hurt, but also the fishermen and seafood retailers are really taking a hard hit.  The cost of making seafood gumbo was substantially higher than it would have been a year ago, and I had a rather difficult time finding oysters at all. 

The appetizer table

The appetizer table

Seafood Cocktail Spread

Deviled Eggs

A selection of Abita, a Louisiana brew

Seafood Gumbo

A perfect Louisiana meal!

My father-in-law enjoying his gumbo!

Rustic Bread Pudding

Click here if you would like to make a personal donation to the Greater New Orleans Foundation.

(For more information on this event, see this news article: )


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