Spicy Potato Stew

We had another crawfish boil the other day and this time, there was a pretty good bit of leftover sausage and potatoes.  I figured the best thing to do with them would be to cook a potato stew.  My mom used to always make potato stew when I was growing up, and it was something I would never eat.  Bet you didn’t know I was a picky eater, did you?!  So I decided to throw something together and see where it went.

According to my hubby and my friend, Morgan, it was a huge success!  I’m still not the biggest fan of potato stew, but at least now I’ll eat it!  It’s a good “comfort food” type of meal!  I just went ahead and threw all the “extras” in from the crawfish boil:  potatoes, onions, garlic, sausage, hot dogs and corn.  I barely even had to add seasonings, since it was so well seasoned already!

Note:  If you don’t happen to have leftovers from a crawfish boil, simply use regular potatoes and sausage and season it to taste!

Spicy Potato Stew

about 6 small potatoes, cut into small bite-sized pieces
sausage, cut into bite size pieces
1 onion, chopped
4 cloves garlic, chopped
3 ears corn, cut from the stalk
1 stick butter
1/2 cup flour
seasonings to taste


Melt butter in a large pot, stir in flour.  Keep stirring and scraping the bottoms and the sides until it is the color of a brown paper bag (this is called making a roux).  Add the onions and let them soften a little.  Add water to break up the roux.  Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.  Add water until covered, stir well.  Simmer about an hour, tasting for seasonings.  Serve over rice.

Spicy Potato Stew


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