Gerry’s Hot Buttered Rum

My dad first introduced me to hot buttered rum drinks at Molly’s at the Market in New Orleans.  Hot buttered rum drinks date all the way back to the days of George Washington, when political candidates would serve these to their constituents to influence their vote.  If they were anywhere near as good as Molly’s, it might help my vote!!  Just kidding.    My dad concocted his own hot buttered rum recipe and I must say, it tastes pretty much just like theirs.  It’s buttery and sweet and very much a grown up alcoholic drink!  It’s perfect to sip on a cold night.

Gerry’s Hot Buttered Rum
Source:  Gerry Mills

1 stick softened butter
1 1/3 cups brown sugar
8 dashes ground cloves
8 sprinkles ground nutmeg
8 dashes ground cinnamon
1 cup caramel syrup
Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum
DeKuyper Buttershots Liqueur
Boiling water


Mix the first 6 ingredients well.  Place in a plastic container (can be refrigerated for later use).  For each individual drink, put one tablespoon mixture into a mug or glass.  Using a small spoon, spread the mixture around the bottom of the glass until it becomes thin.  Add 1 shot of spiced rum and two shots of Buttershots.  Fill the rest of the glass with boiling water (or 3/4 cup if your glass is huge).  Stir well, insuring the mixture dissolves completely.  Sip (it’s gonna be hot, hence the name) and enjoy!

*If you don’t think you want to make enough for 8 drinks, use:
1 tbsp softened butter
1/6 cup brown sugar
1 dash cloves
1 sprinkle nutmeg
1 dash ground cinnamon
1/8 cup caramel syrup

Mix well and use above directions.

Hot Buttered Rum


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