Happy New Year!

The new year will hopefully bring on a little more healthy type recipes on the blog, as I would like to get in better shape.  To kick off the new year, I’m cooking the traditional cabbage and black eye peas.  Only I’m making black eye pea soup and egg rolls!  Sure they don’t go together really, but oh well!

You can’t start the new year without having a celebration of the year past.  We had a small get together at our home with a few good friends.  Best way to ring in the new year!  For our soiree, we had a really good dip, pickled okra, a cheese tray, white chicken chili and banana pudding.  It was all delicious and a great way to usher out the old year, and in with the new!  Hope everyone had a great night, here are a few food pictures of ours!

Pickled Okra

Cheese for the chili!


Stuck the chili in the crockpot!


Really Good Dip

Maw Maw Doris' Banana Pudding

Happy New Year from my family to yours! 


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