Gerry’s Fried Turkey

One of the greatest southern traditions on Thanksgiving is a fried turkey.  Once you’ve had it, you can’t go back.  Everything else just falls short.  Sorry.  This was my husband’s first year frying turkey, since we hosted on the big day.  He used my dad’s recipe and everything went smoothly!

Gerry’s Fried Turkey


11-12 lb. turkey
Cajun Injection Marinade
Tony’s Creole Seasoning
5 gallons peanut oil or hog lard


When you get the turkey, stick it (still in the wrapper) in the turkey fryer pot and fill with water to cover it.  Remove the turkey and measure the amount of water left in the pot.  This is the amount of oil or hog lard to get.

Inject the entire contents of the jar of marinade into the breast, thighs, drumsticks and wings of the turkey.  Rub some Tony’s creole seasoning inside and out of the bird.  Cover and store in the refrigerator overnight.  Remove from the fridge about an hour before frying to let it reach room temperature.  NEVER FRY A TURKEY THAT IS FROZEN!!!  Heat the oil to about 320 to 340 degrees, then submerge the turkey slowly into the oil, using the rack stuck through the “legs” first, coming out of the neck.  Then just use the hanger hook to lift the whole turkey.  Try to maintain the temperature at around 325 degrees using the thermometer provided, and cook for 4 minutes per pound that the turkey weighs.  Remove very carefully and enjoy!

My husband lowering the turkey into the pot

Still lowering...

And she's frying!

Fried, ready to be carved!

Turkey is carved!

The Verdict:  My hubby did a great job!  It was seasoned perfectly and the skin had that perfect crisp to it!  We fried two for about 20 people and had a good bit leftover.  But no fear, we made a turkey and oyster gumbo the next day 🙂


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