Shrimp Stock

Since we had boiled shrimp yesterday, I figured I’d save the heads and make some homemade shrimp stock.  Once it was done I put 2 cup portions into ziploc bags and put into the freezer.  This will be perfect next time I make a seafood gumbo!  I’ll simply substitute it instead of the chicken broth!  I imagine it would be equally delightful in a shrimp stew or something like that.

Shrimp Stock

Shrimp heads (I used heads from 3 lbs. of shrimp)





Put shrimp heads, carrots and celery into a large pot.  Fill with water till just covered.  Heat to boiling and cover, allow to slow boil for about 40 – 60 minutes.  Cool for a little while, then strain into bowls.   Discard the heads, carrots and celery.  Put liquid into ziploc bags and freeze.

Note:  These shrimp were already cooked in cajun seasoning, so I didn’t add any herbs or anything to it.  Otherwise, you’d want to season it up!


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