Happy Halloween! (Harvest Cupcakes)

Tonight after trick or treat we’ll be attending a Halloween Party.  I’m really bummed that it’s not my parents’ annual Halloween Party, but they held their last one last year.  It’s not going to be Halloween without it 😦  Anyway, I never show up empty handed when I’m invited somewhere, so I decided to make these sweet treats for tonight’s party.  I got my inspiration from Stephanie Cooks blog, though I did change some stuff…

Harvest Cupcakes


Cupcakes (I made cupcake versions of the pumpkin spice cake, just minus the chocolate chips)

Icing (I used store-bought cream cheese icing)

chocolate decorator icing

Harvest leaf sprinkles

Candy-Corn Pumpkins


Evenly spread your icing over the cupcakes.  Pipe the chocolate decorators frosting on (or get your husband to do it like I did!) in the shape of a tree.  Carefully put the sprinkles to look like leaves on the tree.  Cut the pumpkins in half and place under each tree.  Or put piles of leaves under the tree (my dad’s idea!).  I did half of each.

seeds and cupcakes 007

Cupcakes with Piles of Leaves






seeds and cupcakes 008

Cupcakes with Pumpkins






seeds and cupcakes 009

The cake plate holding both!






The Verdict:  Sooo fun!  I haven’t eaten any yet but the cake is always a hit – so much so that I had it as my birthday cake!  So I’m sure the cupcakes are going to be delicious!  I’m not very artistic so my husband piped all the trees on and I think he did a great job!  I can’t wait to bring these to the party!


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